Need Help with Your TV ?

A guide to the buttons on the black remote

Did you know that there is an online TV guide for your TV service.
Follow the link below for current Listings.|X#x

You can download a User guide for your Brigham Net TV service below.
Download TV User Guide

Below is a link to the new expanded channel lineup.
Download Channel Lineup

You can program your Set Top Box (STB) remote to control your STB and your TV as well.
To do this you will need to follow the instructions to enter the specific codes for your TV.
 These codes can be found in the two manuals below. Select the one that matches your remote

Black Oval Remote                    Grey Rectangular Remote



My remote is not changing channels.
Try pushing the STB button in the 2nd row from the top of the remote. Try changing
the channels with the Up and Down Channel button. If it still isn't working try changing the batteries.

I have no picture on my TV.
First make sure your STB is turned on. The standard STB's have a bright red light in the center of the box indicating it is on. The DVR STB has a light next to the power button on the front of the box. If the light is green the box is on. If the light is red the box is off.
If you have a newer TV set try pushing the Input or TV/VIDEO button on the remote that came with your TV. Each time you press the input button it changes to a different input connection on the back
of the TV. Press the Input button until you see a TV Picture. If the picture does not come up then pull the power cord out of the STB and then reconnect it. Wait about 3 minutes and then repeat the procedure with the input button. You should be able to find your tv signal.
If you have an older TV Set make sure the STB is turned on and the TV is set to Channel 3.

My TV does not have the correct set of Channels I paid for.
Call the office 435-723-9560 and we will get the programming corrected.

I have a DVR how do I pause the program I am watching
This is a simple operation. While watching a TV program press the Pause button
on your Black DVR Remote. It is located on the lower half of the center button below
the row of colored buttons on the remote. When you return from your break just press the
play button which is just above the pause button. Your program will resume where you left off.
You can also use the Fast forward and Rewind buttons to scan through the recorded Program
or to Skip commercials.