Fact: Resumes are a brag fest and are stupid... but here is mine.

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  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Flash
  • Site design and mockup with combined raster
  • Print and Web Design experience
  • Branding, Brand Strategy, and Brand Implementation
  • Page Layout, Typography, Typo/Photo Relationships
  • Professional Typesetting standards
  • HTML, CSS and some Actionscript, PHP, and JavaScript
  • Designing with & writing markup using Web Standards
  • File preparation for both print and web
  • Experience with the printing process, printers, and RIP programs
  • Windows and Mac


  • Bachelors of Fine Art with Emphasis in Graphic Design: May 2008 - Utah State University in Logan, Utah
  • Switzerland Design Program: June 2007 - Month long program living in Switzerland and studying European Graphic Design


  • Display of design work in the International Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland - 2007
  • Submission of design concepts to the 2012 London Olympic Committee - 2007

Independent Design Consultant

May 2008 - Current

  • Collaborate with clients about their needs
  • Generate project brief outlining needs and wants
  • Translate brief into concepts and thumbnail sketches
  • Develop selected ideas into a full visual solution
  • Arrange for printing and delivery as needed

Senior User Interface Designer

Dominion Enterprises R/D Department
January 2011 - Current

  • Project outlines
  • Project user stories
  • Generation of site wide wireframes
  • Site Branding
  • Create page mockups in photoshop
  • Responsible for html and css markup
  • Work under tight deadlines

Creative Director

3Sixty Marketing
April 2010 - November 2010

  • Designed custom projects as well as stock templates
  • Developed custom ideas from concept to output
  • Arranged for printing and delivery as needed
  • Worked on projects in both print and web
  • Managed production, delivery, well as billing

Web Designer/Programmer

StoresOnline - Orem, Utah
October 2009 - April 2010

  • Collaborated with customers about their business needs
  • Worked with a strict and tight deadline for each project
  • Generated content as needed/use customer content
  • Designed/built sites around an existing C.M.S.
  • Development and management of files for sites

Web Designer

Wildfire Online - Orem, Utah
April 2009 - September 2009

  • Created Unique and professional website designs
  • Generated fully functioning websites based on designs
  • Maintained existing sites as needed
  • Worked with tight deadlines and strict guidelines
  • Site file management and maintenance

Jacob Heaton