Why Brigham.net should be your Utopia Provider

Reliability, Our connection is serviced entirely by Utopia. It is not brought in from an external location meaning much less chance of a fiber break. Our connections are monitored 24/7/365 if there is ever an outage we will usually know about it before you do and will dispatch a team to get it fixed fast.

Speed, We are one of only a few providers offering a 10gig speed option. You may not need this type of speed but it allows us to be more efficient in offering you a better connection at our slower 250meg and 1gig speeds. Our 250meg connection typically tests out at around 260meg. Your connection is dedicated and not shared with the neighborhood.

Satisfaction, We were approached by Utopia to become a provider because of the high level of customer satisfaction expressed by our customer base. We make customer satisfaction our highest priority. If there is ever a problem we will make it right.

Value, Since we started with Utopia in 2010 we have had 7 price reductions, and 5 speed upgrades with no price increase giving our customers the best value on the Utopia network.

Support, When you need help you will talk to one of our reps in Brigham City not some foreign country with English as a second language. We believe in building a personal relationship with our customers and do our part by providing a quality experience when you call in.

Longevity, We have been an internet provider since 1995 and a Utopia provider since 2010. We have all of the billing and support systems in place and perfected to give you, the customer the best experience possible. Many of our customers have been with us for 20+ years.

Integrity, We never want a customer to feel like they have been cheated or received poor service from our company. We will do whatever it takes to leave you the customer feeling like you were treated fairly, and supported properly.

Fun, We love what we do for a living and hire employees that feel the same way. Your Utopia connection will open up a world of possibilities to you. We will do everything we can to help you maximize that experience.

Flexibility, We have had to make several adjustments to the services we provide. We test new technologies regularly and implement those that will benefit our customers. This has resulted in better speeds and prices for our customers and more efficiency for us. If we ever find a problem we get it fixed.

80 South Main
Brigham City, UT 84302

FAQ’s about Utopia

How much will it really cost for Utopia Internet.
If you signup for 250/250mb internet with Brigham.net you will have two bills. One from Utopia for 30.00 per month for the Installation and Lease of the fiber portal in your home. A second bill from Brigham.net for $35.00 (With Autopay) .  1 gig service is an additional $20.00. 10gig service is available for $199.00

Why is Utopia so much better than previous internet options.
Utopia delivers a dedicated 250meg, 1gig or 10gig connection directly to your home. It is not shared with everyone in your block or neighborhood.  Utopia’s speed is always several times faster than other services. Cable in Perry averages around 40meg down / 10meg up. DSL is usually 8meg down / 1 meg up. Utopia starts at 250meg down and 250meg up. We know that once you try it you’ll love it and won’t ever be happy with any other internet service. In face we gaurantee it. If your not happy after your first month you can cancel and owe us nothing. Utopia’s charge will still be required.

How is Utopia Installed in your home.
Utopia is installed in one of two ways. The first is overhead. The fiber will be run from the nearest utility pole to your home. Utopia will try and use an existing entry such as the Air conditioner run or where the power enters the home. Option 2 would be an underground installation by boring underground to your property to the Utopia box. Installers are highly trained and Utopia will stand by their work. Once the fiber is brought into your home it will be connected to a Fiber Portal or ONT which will usually be located in a utility closet in the home. The ONT has connections for Internet, TV, and Phone. In the rare event damage occurs during the installation Utopia will repair the damage and make it like it never happened.

What other equipment do I need.
We recommend a high quality wireless router. Older routers have a max wireless speed of 54meg and a max wired speed of 100 meg. With a 250meg connection we recommend a good wireless AC router with wired gigabit ports. There are also mesh routers that have two to four delivery points and cover a large house much better, We have tested most of the routers on the market and would be happy to rent or sell you one of our tested routers.

What is the process to sign-up and how long does it take.
1.  Fill out the order form at  www.brigham.net
2.  We will expedite the order to Utopia.
3.  Utopia will then email you copies of the service agreement for you to review and approve.
4.  You return the signed agreement to Utopia via email.
5.  Utopia will call you to arrange a time to complete the installation.
6.  Depending on Utopias Schedule and if the home has previously had service install will take place between 1 and 14 days.