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Account / Billing


You may call our office Weekdays from 10am to 6pm, or Saturday 10am til 2pm or you can send billing questions to billing @

Billing Date sends bills out around the 25th of each month. This bill will be for the following month and will include any previously unpaid balance. We prefer to send bills via email as we can let you know of changes more quickly and we can send a payment receipt when we enter your payment. We charge $1.00 per month for Paper Billing.


Payments are due by the 1st of the month for that months service. We must prepay Utopia for your service therefore, accounts with any bill 60 days or more past due may be suspended until a payment is made. Accounts which show a history of multiple suspensions may be suspended when any bill reaches 30 days past due.

Options to pay your bill.

  • You can call our office at 435-723-5800 (Hours 10am to 6pm Weekdays or Sat 10am – 2pm) and we can setup automatic payments with your credit card, checking, or savings account. Setup with checking or savings and we will even give you a 95 cent discount every month.
  • You can call our office and make a one-time payment with your credit card.
  • You can come into the office at 80 South Main in Brigham and we can take Cash, Credit Card or Check. Please no Money orders. We will be happy to give you a receipt for your cash payments. We can also setup autopay.
  • You can mail your payment to – 80 South Main – Brigham City, UT 84302
  • You can pay your bill online using PayPal by sending your payment to
    Please include the name on the account in the notes to insure it is credited properly.
  • You can pay your bill through Venmo. Send your payment to @Ken-Sutton-2
    Please include the name on the account in the notes to insure it is credited properly.


Terms of Service

Agreement: is an interactive online service provider for access to the Internet. This agreement sets forth the Account Terms and Conditions which apply to the subscriber for use of a supplied connection. By using the service you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Updated 05/01/2020

: All services provided by will be billed in advance for the upcoming month. Payments are due by the 1st of each month. Payments not received by the 25th of the month will be subject to a late fee of 1 1/2 % ($5.00 Minimum). reserves the right to suspend or terminate service at any time for non payment. Bills will be sent to the email address provided by the customer. Customer agrees to check this email regularly to make sure they receive their bill. Paper bills are an option for an additional $1.00 per month.

Email Accounts
:  Each user may have up to 5 email accounts. email accounts are not allowed to send bulk unsolicited email (Spam). Any account determined to be sending unsolicited emails may be suspended without notice. Users will have an option to keep their email address if they terminate internet service with

: Your internet connection from is designed to be used in a single residence or place of business. Your internet connection may not be used by other residences or businesses. You may not resale your connection. Doing so will result in customer being automatically upgraded to a Utopia gold business connection and will incur additional charges.

Responsibilities: makes no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding services provided. is not responsible for any damages suffered from the use of our services, including but not limited to, loss of data, service interruptions and/or delays, or third party litigation. We will make our best effort to insure that the service is available at all times. Our liability will be limited to a credit for any time in which the service was not available based on the total down time divided by the monthly rate for a full month of service.

Returned Checks:
A returned check charge of $20.00 will be incurred for all returned checks.

Minimum Payment:
A minimum payment of one (1) month will be assessed on all new accounts. The subscriber is bound to remit payment.

Fee: does not charge a setup fee for new accounts.

Non Payment:  Any account which remains unpaid 45 days after the date the bill was mailed or emailed may be suspended. A reconnect fee of $35.00 may be charged to reconnect service.

Billing Disputes:
All billing disputes with, must be received at our business office in writing, and the obligation to pay for service will continue until such notice is received. If you prefer billing questions can be emailed to Termination of your service does not constitute relief from amounts incurred prior to termination. Agreements or contracts not on a monthly basis (yearly, quarterly, etc…) can be canceled in writing or by phone, but the subscriber will be obligated to pay any and all monthly fees until termination of the contract is finalized.

Cancellation Policy:
Accounts will remain open until notice is given to cancel the service by email, fax,  postal mail or a phone call to a representative during business hours. Upon cancellation; accounts will be billed to the end of the present month. If the subscriber had pre paid beyond the present month then the remainder beyond that month will be refunded. Voicemails left are not guaranteed to cancel the service. If the subscriber continues to use the account after the requested cancellation date the subscriber will be responsible for payment  for each month or partial month in which the service is used beyond the cancellation date. Service will remain in effect until we receive proper notice to cancel the account this includes accounts that are not being used but no cancellation notice was received.

Should your account be assigned to an agency or to an attorney for collection, you may be required to pay the amount due plus any additional collection fees, all attorney’s fees with or without suit and all court costs incurred.

Legality of Content:
The subscriber agrees to use for lawful purposes only. The subscriber will not post or transmit any material, through, which violates or infringes upon the rights of others. This includes, but is not limited to: threatening, abusive, defamatory, vulgar or obscene language, any action which threatens public or private rights or which is considered objectionable, any action which encourages a criminal offense, any action which gives rise to civil liability or violates any law.
Attempts to gain unauthorized access to outside computer systems are expressly prohibited The subscriber agrees to defend and hold harmless, its directors, officers, employees, agents or affiliates for all damages and claims that might arise from the subscribers use or misuse of the service, which damages or otherwise harms either the subscriber, or a third party.

Content Screening: does not control the content of information available over the Internet. For this reason, the subscriber certifies that he/she is at least 18 years of age or, if the subscriber is a parent or guardian, he/she assumes all responsibility for supervising the on-line activities of the underage user. Any information garnered through is done so at your own risk. Content screening is available upon request. We believe this screening should take place on your end of the connection and will be happy to assist in getting this setup. Suggested methods are available on our website.

Unauthorized Connections: The subscriber is not allowed to knowingly share their connection outside of his/her personal residence or business. Subscribers are not allowed to resell services. Subscribers will not solicit users to become subscribers to other online service providers in competition with, nor shall the subscriber make any unauthorized copies or duplications of any material, advertising, forms, brochures, pamphlets and the like which is the property of

Residential Service: Residential service is designed for non commercial residential use. Any significant business usage may result in the upgrade of a residential account to a business account and will incur additional charges.

Relationship: The relationship between the subscriber and is that of subscriber and service provider only. In the event of a violation of any terms and/or conditions set forth in this agreement, reserves the right to immediately terminate the services provided to the subscriber, with the subscriber being fully responsible for any and all attorney’s fees incurred by with regard to this agreement at all trial and appellate court levels.

Court Venue:
In the event of a dispute, and the subscriber agree that the venue for such litigation shall be Box Elder County, Utah and that the terms and conditions of this agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Utah.

SPAM Policy:
The transmission of any type of material, whether graphical or textual in content, to other subscribers or non-subscribers without their express consent is prohibited under the terms of this agreement. Any violations of our SPAM policy will result in immediate termination. Any complaints received from our subscribers or non-subscribers of unsolicited materials will result in a charge of $150.00 per complaint charged to the offending subscribers account automatically. It is illegal to send any email using services with forged or disguised email addresses.

Unauthorized use of Equipment:
Any subscriber attempting to attack, hack, damage, or compromise the equipment in any way will be billed at $250.00 per hour, with a minimum billable time period of 1 hour. All time required to repair damage, track, and stop the offending subscriber will be billed.

Modification of Terms: reserves the right to change or modify the terms, conditions, rates or services at any time, without any prior notification.

Internet Connection Help

Troubleshooting speed issues…

In most cases if you have a problem with slower speeds on a connection the problem is being caused by a router issue. With fiber the connection does not usually slow down. If the fiber has a problem it does not work at all. If your connection seems slower than normal our first suggestion is to power cycle the router. Unplug the small black power cable that goes to the router. Leave it unplugged for 30 seconds to fully reset then reconnect it. Wait 2 minutes for it to come back up. A Router is just a small computer in a box and sometimes it needs to be rebooted. Often this is all that is required. If you have no internet and you have power cycled the router and waited 2 minutes. Try unplugging power to the Utopia(Zhone) portal. DO NOT PRESS RESET ON THE UTOPIA PORTAL

Connecting a router

Your router uses an Ethernet cable to connect to the Utopia Portal. This cable should connect to the port labeled GE1 on the Utopia portal and to the WAN or INTERNET port on the router. Connect the cable first and then supply power to the Router. Most routers will connect automatically if you do this. Check the bottom of the router for the name of the wireless network and the password you need to connect. If you purchase a router from us we can program it with your own personal name and password.

Choosing a good router
Your router should have the following features.

  • The hardwired connections to the Utopia portal and connected computers/devices should all be at least 1gig(1000meg). If you connect an older router with 100meg hardwired connections you will limit yourself to 100meg max speed.
  • The wireless standards that your router uses should be at least wireless AC. Here are the max speeds that you can expect with each wireless standard.
    Wireless B – Max speed 11meg. Expect actual speeds of around 5meg. Released in 1999
    Wireless G – Max speed 54meg. Expect actual speeds of around 20meg. Released in 2003
    Wireless N – Max speed 300meg. Expect actual speeds of around 100meg. Released in 2009
    Wireless AC – Max Speed 1000meg. Expect actual speeds of around 175meg. Released in 2012
  • Mimo technology. This allows your device to make multiple connections to the router to increase overall speed.

If you need help selecting a router we are happy to help. We keep a good – better – and best router in stock at some great prices. We can even rent you a router for a small monthly charge.

Getting the most speed out of  your wireless router.

  • If at all possible hard wire your computer/device to the router. A hardwired computer on a gigabit router will get around 900meg connection speed. The same computer with a good wireless AC signal will only get about 175meg speed. The same computer with a poor wireless signal will struggle to get 20meg.
  • If possible place your wireless router on the same level in the house as the majority of your devices. If it can’t be on the same level it is better to put it on a higher level rather than a basement.
  • Avoid metal obstructions. Wireless signals are blocked or deflected by metal. Take note if your house has metal studs or metal ducting and try and keep these from being between your router and your device. locate your router high up on a shelf or ceiling if possible.
  • If possible orient the vent holes of the router facing up. Heat is the number one culprit for killing routers and lowering speeds.
  • Try to orient the antennas so they are facing up. You can experiment with different positions to improve coverage. The signal tends to radiate in a horizontal circle outward from the antennas, keep this in mind as you position the antennas.
  • Most routers will have 2 radios  2.4ghz and 5ghz. Most devices will do better with 5ghz. It is a good idea to add _5g to the name of your wireless network name in your router. This will make it easier to tell them apart when you connect. If you have older devices connect some of them to the 2.4ghz network to avoid congestion.

Internet Filtering

Because we highly value the privacy of each customer and believe that each customer may have different filtering needs, we feel that the filtering should occur on the customer’s side of the connection in their own home or business. We do not monitor activity of our customers and have no plans to change this.
We will be happy to work with any customer that requests filtering to setup the option which works best for their situation. A list of the options we can help with are listed below.

1. OpenDNS Family Shield. This service is installed on the internet router which is directly connected to your internet connection. All devices in your home will have e adult content filtering applied with minimal hassle. Although it is possible to bypass this filtering it will require more than a basic technical knowledge to do so. There are no filtering options with this service. It is turned on and applies only to adult content for all devices. It is also possible to install this service on individual computers.

2. OpenDNS Home. This service does the same filtering as OpenDNS Family shield but it is customizable with over 50 categories of filtering which can be turned on or off. In addition to Adult content it will also filter phishing sites, hate groups, drug related sites and many others which may be turned on or off. OpenDNS is currently being used by 30,000,000 homes, schools, and businesses.


  • E-mail

Up to three free email addresses are included with your account. You can choose from,, or

E-mail Settings

Here are the settings you will need to enter into your favorite email program.

Username =
Password =  your selected password
Incoming server = port 995 requires secure connection
Outgoing server = port 567 TLS encryption
Outgoing server requires login. Check same as incoming server.

Setup your Email Account in Outlook 2007 or 2010.

1.   Open the Outlook program.

2.   Select File > Info > Account Settings > Account Settings.

3.   Select the New Button to add a New Account.

4. Choose Email Account then Click Next

5.  Choose POP3 and click Next

6.   Enter the following information into each field

      Your Name:          Whatever name you want displayed on your outgoing emails.
Email Address:    enter your full email address.
Enter your password in both password fields.

7.  Click the button next to Manually ConfigureThen click Next

8. Choose Internet Email then click Next.

9. Enter the following information

      Your Name:          Whatever name you want displayed on outgoing emails.

      Email Address:    enter your email address.

      Password:             Enter your password in both password fields.

      Account Type:     POP3

      Incoming Server

      Outgoing Server

      Username             Enter your full email address

      Password:             Enter your password     

10.  Click  the More Settings button then select the Outgoing server tab.

11. Place a check next to my Outgoing server requires authentication

12. Click the advanced tab

13. Place a check next to This server requires an Encrypted Connection

14. Change the outgoing server from 25 to 587

15. Click the OK button to close the dialog box.

16.  Click Next and then Finish

17.  To verify that everything is setup correctly try sending yourself an email. Wait a minute or two then check for new email. If you email shows up then everything is good to go.

Instructions for using your email and retrieving spam with webmail.

Begin by pointing your Internet browser at the following web address

You will be presented with a logon screen where you will enter your
full email address(  and
password. Then click the login button.

If you can’t remember your password give us a call and we can reset it.

A screen will then appear showing you your current email.

A few things you can do from here.

     1.  Click on Inbox then any email in the list to read it in the window on the right.

     2.  Highlight an email then Click the trash can to delete the selected email.

     3.  Click Compose to create a new email.  Once written click the send button to send it.

     4.  Click the spam folder to view messages marked as spam. With a message selected in the spam folder click Add to whitelist to make sure this email address never gets marked as spam in the future. In the spam folder click the Thumbs up Icon above the list of emails to move an email from Spam to your inbox. 

     5.  Click the Single back arrow to reply to a message or the double back arrow to reply to all.

     6.  Click the forward arrow to forward the message.

Phone is proud to offer a full featured phone system for Business and Residential Customers. Here is a list of Features.

  • Free Long Distance
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Call Bridging
  • Call Forwarding – Busy, Always, No Answer, & Selective
  • Caller ID
  • Outgoing Caller ID Blocking
  • Call Recording
  • Call Waiting
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Last Number Redial
  • 100 Number Speed Dial
  • Voice Mail
  • Last Call Return

Yondoo TV Support

Yondoo customer service will support any problems with your Yondoo Service. Their phone number is 877-309-4462