Customer Reviews

My job has me moving about every 18 months so I have got to try out many different internet providers. fiber was by far the fastest and most reliable service I have ever experienced.
Marla L
Had a problem with my internet after hours and sent an email expecting a response when they opened. Was surprised to get a call from the owner and a service call to fix the problem within 90 minutes. Great customer service.
Stevan T.
I had service with another provider on the Utopia network and wasn't impressed. A friend suggested I try Their service was much faster and I have never had an outage.
Mark W
Web Developer
I've been very impressed with their support. I am not very smart with computrs so I need lots of help. Mike was always able to get me fixed even though most of the problems were something I did.
Mom of 3
Ken provides both telephone and Internet for our business. Both have been very reliable. We switched from cable and our speeds are much better and we saved about 25% a month.
Larry L
I had a question about getting a new router I wanted to make sure it would work first. Can was awesome I sent him a picture of it and he verified everything would work and responded on the weekend and after hours very quickly. 100% would recommend them I've been with them since the beginning. Randie
Randie F
Medical Assistant
Changed from the standard provider to fiber, was warned that I would not be happy with fiber internet speeds in comparison but that could not be farther from the truth!! Brigham Net has been beyond amazingly fast, checking the specs upon install I was so impressed with the fast speeds and I upload and download large files (GB). Their service has been consistent with maybe two interruptions late at night that were short lived over the past 6 mos.
Mike was awesome. Very knowledgeable and had me on my way in no time. It's cause of employees like these that keep these companies going.
Jared S
Ken at BrighamNET has been very helpful to our company. Very professional and courteous...he really cares about his clients. Thanks Ken!
Davis & Bott